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Yeah, sure, hunger is not considered a significant problem. That's why there totally aren't enormous amounts of money and resources spent on developing strains of plants and methods of intensive farming for third world countries.
Hunger receives tons of attention, but it is not as hot news as ebola, because it has been a problem since forever. But that's not the issue. The issue is that ebola is a nasty disease that might turn into pandemic if not handled properly. Hunger is the matter of local and global overpopulation, climate conditions, and economic disproportions. Ebola is an outbreak of a deadly virus. The first is a status quo that we can gradually work on. The other is a problem that can be dealt with via intensive research, proper precautions, treatment and vaccination.
That's why it receives more attention from both scientific world and the media. But still, there are fucktards like banksy who would never miss an opportunity to tell people that he is the only enlightened one in a world of sheep.
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