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You're far more correct than I'd like to admit. I like Soup, I really do, but it's been this ridiculous for one and a half year now and we have never heard as much as a peep from the admins/devs whenever something goes wrong... or right... or anything, really. Soup has been on life support for a VERY long time now and it's only a matter of time for it to shut down completely. I don't even know how this site is even financially maintained with no one wanting to pay for a non-functional site and no ads in sight. Heck, I'm more confused about Soup still being online and (barely) functional than it being completely shut down by now. And with no reliable communication by the devs (or rather: non at all), it could still be working for another 18 months or be dead within the next five minutes.
Part of me sees this purely as a consumer and wants to find a reliable alternative: A simple, no-nonsense microblogging service with a one-click repost button and a way to post text, images and videos, with the option of sending it as an answer to another post. It can't be that there's no demand (and therefore no supply) on the internet for something like that, can it? Mastodon seems rather subpar, to be honest...
However, another part of me is still attached to Soup and my seven years of having fun with the service. I really want to trust the devs again and I'm willing to pay a small amount for a reliable uptime if they can provide that - which they could before they apparently abandoned the project. This is all so damn frustrating.
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