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And even though the whole world kicked Nazi Germany’s ass in the most violent war to date, national socialism didn’t disappear. Meanwhile, Daryl Davis is actually killing the KKK movement by talking to clansmen and treating them as human beings that just got the wrong idea about life.

You wanting to violently attack people for their ideas is making everything worse; it’s legitimizing their state as perpetual victims. What do you think happens when you think Antifa are just stupid, savage animals who violently attack anyone who isn’t on their side - and you get violently attacked by a member of the Antifa because you aren’t on their side? Congratulations, you made this extremist fuck even more extremist and possibly got even more people on his side!

Also, do you even listen to yourself? You think it’s okay to fucking take a person’s life because you don’t like how he thinks. What is wrong with you people?

\angry rant

Seriously, don’t use violence as a political statement.
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