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Fetish doesn't sound too scientific compared to "sexual preference" :D
But actually, I have no idea, this was just speculation/my personal interpretation. In my life I had the pleasure to meet two open pedophiles: One that absolutely despised his disorder and was in therapy for that, and another one who claimed his attraction to the underaged was merely one part of his sexual preferences - he liked the kids, but he also liked the adults, so he never felt the need to seduce a child to satisfy his sexual needs, especially when there's lolicon hentai basically at every corner of the internet.
I think both are valid outlooks regarding sexual preferences. Both people are not suspicious people with greasy hair and a van with "Free Candy" written on it, and they both have their feelings under control, just as normal people who don't sexually harass every person on the subway that vaguely fits their preference criteria. As long as no child gets hurt in any way, I don't see a problem with peacefully living with the "pedo gene".

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