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The only thing that's upsetting about this for me is the fact that she'll make thousands in victimbuxx off this event.
Apart from that, karma got her. I bet she was laughing her ass off watching Richard "Homosexuality is the last stand of implicit white identity" Spencer getting sucker-punched by an antifaget. She's a literal filthy whore (not a misogynistic slur, but a faithful description of what she does for a living) who thought herself a strong, independent woman, getting high off her own supply of leftist bullshit and was stupid enough to bring a vagina to a fist fight.
Yeah, using violence is unacceptable in political discourse, but HERE'S THE THING: she went there with specific purpose of inciting and participating in violence against her political opponents and that's exactly what she did. I think that if someone does that, they deserve the violence to be reciprocated, it is only fair. As @Ubik pointed out, there's evidence she was throwing bottles at people. Getting barely decked from a straight punch by a manlet her own size was the least she deserved.
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