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Well, damn, you baited and I bit :D

It's just vastly oversimplified, both the English and the Japanese part. Sure, to can be used to mark participation or as an enumeration particle, but that's by far not its only purpose and it's not even the only word for this structure. Ni has a fuckton of grammatical meanings, de is for whatever reason shown twice when it doesn't even have that many meanings and don't even get me started on wa and ga (which isn't even shown here). Even native speakers sometimes can't explain why they'd use one over the other. At first glance it seems like it makes some kind of logical sense, but then you start listening to authentic Japanese sentences and finally realize it is a natural language after all - it's more often than not just habit to use this particle here and that one there. In that sense it's kind of like English: Easy to start with and to formulate basic sentences, but as soon as you want to deviate from the elementary patterns, oh boy, have fun deciphering relative clauses everywhere and finding a wa suddenly in the middle of a sentence that doesn't make any sense and is just there to confuse us stupid foreigners!

But learn Japanese, it's fun :)

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