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Oh okay, so you mean the collective traits of human races/tribes/whatever are responsible for the formation of their specific culture, I think I get you. But saying some tribes are smarter than others due to their genetic coding is really race realistic, and I frankly have too little knowledge about that to make an educated statement. But I strongly doubt IQ is the only defining factor for the successful construction of a fully functioning (democratic) society. If Eastern Asia didn't have access to the knowledge and experience of Europeans, they'd still live with monarchs and warring microstates, even though they count among the most intelligent people on earth. Or look at the Zulu, one of the most powerful tribes in Africa who even repelled the British colonists. Surely there's other factors involved and you definitely don't need an IQ over 120 to create a functioning society. And I seriously doubt middle eastern people (who aren't even the most unintelligent people, according to your map) are /too dumb/ to adapt at least a western standard of ethics. Teaching them how backwards honor killings are may not be enough, but it's a huge step in the right direction...

>you count spains as brown? O.o
Call him whatever you want, but he's anything but the stereotype of a central European Swabian.

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