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This article talks about children. Kids get influenced by literally anything, violent video games as a medium aren't any more "horrible" to them than a violent movie. The article also doesn't explain why it has to be a causation. Why do video games make people violent and why can't it be that people being more violent by nature choose to play violent games?


This article explains how instant gratification in video games influences real life behaviour. The only "agressive" part is about the high pitched sounds, which could be argued was influenced by the video game, I give you that. But then again, the article doesn't explain why video games are so much worse than e.g. a movie, which is what McIntosh preaches every two days. Also, 172 high school students are by far not representative.


Yeah, no, I'm not purchasing articles to dissect them. Hiding behind a pay wall is a really dirty tactic.

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